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Dopamine foods

Hello all, I do hope you are all well.

Sorry for my lack of posting, I have been deep in research. Finding ways to reduce my depression with food.

Having depression is an illness and unfortunately, it is a lonely illness and I have been trying my best over the past couple of weeks to come to terms with my depression as well as informing my family members that I am having an episode.

My mother suffers from depression as well as my siblings however we never really discuss it. How can that be? Easy we don’t like to discuss our depression, we don’t even like to admit that we are depressed. My depression started in my early twenties and I have battled with it ever since. I personally have months of happiness and then I can have months of depression, that is why I call mine episodes. Recently the loss of my father has caused me to have a major episode.

I have been taking my anti-depressants for a few weeks now, I am beginning to feel better, I have found that I am able to concentrate more and am sleeping better. I have nothing against people using antidepressants however I personally know that they are short term solution. In order for me to manage my illness, I need to eat myself better!

I have been researching how I can change my diet to help reduce my depression. The Dopamine diet is one that I have found extremely interesting. Keywords that are associated with dopamine rich foods are Mood; Serotonin; Dopamine; Tryptophan; Peptides; Mood foods. Good mood foods

There are various documentaries, articles and books that are filled with information. I am lucky that I have a University education, going to university enabled me to question what society tells me and find my own truth. Before I went to University I would believe the media, I would listen to what my elders taught me, and except their truths. Now I have the ability and knowledge that allows me to delve deeper and find my own truth!

I have a Ba Hons in professional cookery, I have spent years cooking studying hospitality and food, this has given me the advantage to obtain credible information that can provide me with the knowledge of what I should and should not be eating, however, there is so much conflicting information out there how do I know what is right and wrong?

In this blog, I will be introducing my findings and each week giving an in-depth look at my findings.

I have watched various documentaries, What The Health a documentary that exposes what the government and food industry do not want us to know about an eye-opening documentary about the health of the nation.


This groundbreaking documentary on Netflix is the follow up to Cowspiracy The film was created by Kip Anderson uncovering the possible preventing and reverse of chronic disease, Kip investigates why the leading health organisations in the USA specifically don’t want the public to know about the cover-ups within the health system in America. With obesity and diabetes at all-time high Kip with the help of medical doctors, consumers and consumers.

The documentary exposes the collusion and corruption within the government, the big businesses that cost us trillions. The documentary is a mindful education for those of us who are in the dark, it allows the consumer to be aware of procedures, corruption within the government and the healthcare system within the USA.

It is worth watching if you are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, as well as informing us about what we should and should not be purchasing within the food industry. The film opens your eyes to the treatment of animals and the production of agriculture, pharmaceutical companies.

The point of this documentary is to open the eyes of the consumer and enable us to delve deeper and find our own answers. Not listen to what the government want us to believe.

Have a look and see for yourself, knowledge is power!

lots of foodie luv x


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What to eat this week?

Its week two of being back on antidepressants, For those of you not in the loop you will have to read the previous blog.

In short, I suffer from depression I have been well for a few yrs and recently lost the plot and am on a mission to adjust my way of life in order to manage this debilitating illness and live a happy fulfilled life.

I spent most of last week at home pottering around accepting that I am not well and trying my best to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All in all, I didn’t do too badly.

Focusing on the positives, I did not scream at my boyfriend flip out or break anything! to me, this is a Very Good start. I only had one mild hangover (sister-in law’s birthday) also really good for me considering I was having a meltdown.

unicorn-quote-and-saying-vector-23004368 The Unicorn who lives under my kitchen table kept pouring me Red wine and giving me Gin cocktails. Naughty Unicorn!!  Continue reading “What to eat this week?”


Italian cookery

2020 is all about Italian and French cuisine in my house. So where better to start than with #MassinoBottura.

An exceptionally talented chef

This is so much more than just a cook book.

It’s an education into Italian food Past and Present!

I urge you all to read this.!!!

I shall be sharing my thoughts and feelings about the book.

The history about the cuisine and some of #MassinoBottura fantastic recipes.

Happy New year to all

May 2020 bring you deserve.

Lots of foodie luv Dan x

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Eat yourself better, dealing with mental health



As many of you know I have suffered from depression for years, I hid it for a long time and over the past few years I have been much more open and honest.
Depression is not something that ever goes away it is a mental illness that you have to deal with on a daily basis to keep under control instead of it controlling you.
Recently my depression has come back with a vengeance, the death of my father has been the most traumatic event in my life and I am struggling to deal with such a great loss in my life in our lives.
Last week I had a breakdown and luckily found the strength to go to my doctor and discuss my problems. The Bravest thing I have ever done.
I am now on a mission to make myself better and the first step to doing that is being honest and open about my depression.
As a professionally trained chef, I know that what we eat is imperative, I am on a mission to eat myself better.

I came across this article this morning and decided it was worth sharing. Eat yourself Happy 

Have a read.

I wish to share my journey with you all. For anyone else who is suffering from depression you are not alone xx

Food shows


Omg I have discovered Amazon Prime  and on this fantastic channel I have found  new food programme,s.

Foodies is all about every day people, okay not everyday people but well folk whom travel the world eating at the finest restaurant,s around the world then blogging about them, however these are no normal bloggers. The foodies on this programme have the ability to make and break businesses, they are respected and feared. Don’t get me wrong these are not official food critics, they are not journalists they are just people who love to eat good food and have the disposable income to eat at michelin star restaurant. I do believe they all have a great passion for amazing for food and love eating it, yet I do not consider them culinary experts. 

A chef is a person whom has learnt their craft they  create dishes using great ingredients, the use skill talent experience knowledge and love into every plate. WELL GOOD CHEFS DO

We are now a nation whom take dining out seriously and all have an opinion on the food we eat, as we all have our opinions we now all think we can blog about it,every where you go  someone is a food blogger. Food bloggers have the ability to tell millions.of people about good and bad restaurant,s around the world. Which in turn provides establishments with free advertising good or bad, and as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. 

Obviously I am a food blogger however I also am not a journalist I am a fully qualified chef though. I don’t particularly eat out very much and most definitely do not have the income at present to eat out at the finest restaurant,s in the world on an regular basis. So to have the opportunity to have a indepth look at their food, style of cooking is fantastic to me. I found this programme absolutely fascinating learning all about new the best restaurants in the world and their amazing cuisines, the beyond talented chefs and their brigade. 

Give it a watch let me know what you think 
Lots of foodie.luv 

Dan xx 

Food chat

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