Simon Hopkinson

What better way to spend a Sunday than to prepare Sunday dinner whilst watching numerous food programmes.

To my delight Mr Hopkinson has returned to the BBC with his The Good Cook programme. Simon has been a cook for many years, notice I called him a cook not a chef as that is how he refers to himself. He opened his first restaurant at the tender age 20yrs. He is renowned for his cook book Roast chicken and other stories, which I finally got a copy of recently after wanting it for years.


Cooking is my life, there can be nothing as enjoyable, for me, as to spend the day cooking – it is surely one of the great joys of life. To prepare great food isn’t always simple. It often requires practice and time. The most important quality in cooking delicious food is care and attention to detail.” (

In episode one he makes an delightful Porcini mushroom pasta, teaches us how to make a classic Coq au vin and that aged old comforting go to pud Sticky Toffee pudding.

I just love his passion for cooking and the way he makes restaurant dishes simplified for the home cook. He takes the time to explain ingredients, cooking tips and the reasoning behind his methods. The one thing I love about Simon is he does not conform, he does things his way, for example when making his risotto he adds the Vermouth to the onions before the rice (which is not a traditional method)as he believes that the alcohol cooks off better instead of adding to the rice after as the alcohol taste may still remain. . He champions home cooking and encourages us to enjoy cooking, take our time when making a dish, most importantly doing it with love.

I am lucky enough to own three of Simon’s books, The Good Cook, Roast Chicken and other stories and last but not least Simon Hopkinson Cooks.


If you have never watched Simon or dare I say it never heard of him, then now is the time to formularise yourself at


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