I have simply named this blog Christmas as it is all about Christmas, from food to the shopping, decorations,stress (which is always inevitable)family,friends,alcohol and of course most importantly the celebration of Jesus Christ.

I have had the privilege of being brought up in a Christian family. My grandmother the head of the family my world is a  Baptist. We where brought up as a very close family.  My cousins and I would spend many a weekend with our nan. Saturday,s consisted of baking fairy cakes and biscuits, playing together O fighting as well as watching telly and going to the park. Each Sunday my nan would prep Sunday dinner around 8am  get us up early enjoy we where washed dressed and in our Sunday best and take us to church.

Christmas time for me has always been special,  we would watch biblical films that came on TV over the festive period, sing Christmas hymns at church,home,school in fact anywhere. Bake Christmas goodies like mince pies shortbread, prepare all ingredients required for our rich fruit cake, I remember my mother and nan ordering a large ham and a capon from the butchers which they would spilt in half, this of course was economical,frugal and a tradition. now I get the joy of going to the butchers and going halves with my mum on Ham Capon various fish and other gorgeous ingredients, as a chef I always try and get her to try new things like game meat but to no avail she is steeped in her tradition. 

Now as a parent myself I try to create traditional Christmas rituals for my children, every Christmas eve we open just one present each, we munch lots of naughty treats and watch films together. 

Christmas is a time of year to of course first and foremost celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is also the time of year when many of us get extremely stressed out,drunk,and spend too much money on material things, which to me is very sad.

This year I have vowed to myself to actually enjoy the true spirit of Christmas. I intend to make Christmas treats for friends and family as I do every year,however this year I will do so using whatever means I have available to me and will not stress myself out and purchase unnecessary items.  This year I shall plan my Christmas shopping list and stick to it (this I say every year and fail miserably)…. 

I want to spend time with loved ones sipping on mulled wine and catching up. I want to watch all the traditional Christmas movies that make me feel warm inside. I most definitely want to go into central London to look at the lights with my children and marvel at the beauty.

Christmas is a time to celebrate life,family and loved ones. So this year do just that. So before December begins take this week to reflect on what Christmas really means to you and your family. Take time to actually realise it’s not about spending lots of money or getting stressed and expecting too much from yourself. It’s about the birth of Christ, family and reflection, everything else is a bonus.

Lots of foodie luv
Dan xx 


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