​I picked a beautiful piece of beef from my butchers a lovely cheap yet extremely tasty cut known as Onglet in France or Hanger steak in America us brits normally call it the butchers cut as the butchers keeps it for himself as it’s such a beautiful cut. 

The Onglet is a cut of beef that is known and revered for its flavour. The cut is taken from the lower belly of the animal. 

This cut of beef is a savoured in France especially, usually  simply marinated in olive oil, salt  pepper and garlic.  It is then simply pan seared for a few minutes on either side left to rest, the Onglet is served rare or medium rare with pomme frites.

I have mine simply marinating in olive oil garlic mixed peppers and juniper berries.

If you have not tried this cut of beef I urge you too.

Ask your butcher for it I paid £5.00 for my piece which will easily feed four. A bavette steak is also a similar cut just as flavourful and cheap. Please go and ask your butchers for this cut you won’t regret it.


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