Amazing adventure,s 

Hello you lovely people, I shall keep this short as I am presently tucked up in bed with a head cold from hell watching yet another food programme. Hence the picture she looks how I feel 😥

I haven’t been able to put out any informative blogs this week as I have been mad busy and struck down with snotty 👃 banging headaches 😣a throat filled with Flem😷 and aching all over. Trust me its just as bad as it sounds.

However before I was infected by my loving 

son with this awful cold I went for a kitchen trial at the amazing Tredwell restaurant.(Marcus Wareing) I was shitting myself to say the least as I have never worked in a professional kitchen, I am glad to say it went rather well.Okay it went bloody awesome as I have been offered a job with Marcus Wareing restaurants. 

I am still nervous but am looking forward to this amazing opportunity to work alongside the very talented head chef Chantelle.

I will keep you all updated in the mean time it’s back to watching Jamie Oliver and drinking hot toddies.

As the lovely Heather states in her drawing 


Lots of foodie luv 

Dan xxx 


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