Classic prawn cocktail | BBC Good Food

Prawn cocktail 🍸that 70’s classic is what I grew up on, a classic favourite that never goes out of fashion. Here are a few of my favourites.

He is the classic BBC recipe with a few new touches like the addition of horseradish.

The Queen of the kitchen Delia has stuck to tradition.

Nigel Slater the British food institution takes his prawn cocktail recipe very seriously and I see why it’s delicious, amazingly enough even Heston’s  recipe is very much traditional if something,s not broken don’t try to fix it. However you can jazz up your cocktail with how you present it.

What’s your favourite Prawn cocktail recipe?  Will you be serving one this Christmas?  I know I will and this year I am going to use Jamie Oliver’s luxury recipe which is very much still honoring the original recipe whilst adding some luxurious ingredients such as brown shrimps my favourite and smoked salmon.  

However you make yours enjoy 
Lots of foodie luv Dan xx 


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