Dry-January & Veguary

It’s the second week of January 2017, hope you are all well. Most of us are back to work or education,returning to our everyday lives a few pounds heavy no doubt and still felling slightly hung over. Christmas decorations soon to be placed back into the loft, amazingly enough I have already removed all of mine. This is not because I am not a Christmas person far from it I embrace Christmas like a mother embraces her child to her bosom, it just  so happens I woke up one morning started to clean up and took it a bit too far and removed all Christmas decorations, all except my twinkly lights (i love twinkly lights)

This year I have vowed to try and be a bit healthier starting with Veguary.

Veguary was stared by students from Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. They wanted to encourage people to either no or less meat in the month of January. Personally I think ts a great idea as during Christmas and new years,most of us whom are not Vegans or Vegetarian we consume vast amounts of meat,seafood, fish and poultry.

Please do not misunderstand I love meat, poultry and especially seafood, I do also like to cook and try new things. As I get a little older i also am more aware of what I put into my body, after all I must have a balanced diet, between my wine intake and my food therefore if i want to continue consume wine i must start to consume a healthier food diet. For me veguary Is a way of creating varied and new meals for the whole famiy for 4 weeks only having meat, poultry  or seafood 3 times a week the other 4 days are soley eating vegetarian meals breakfast lunch and dinner. Having two children of varied ages and very different palettes this is a challenge i must admit thrills me in many ways. My eldest no longer lives at home yet pops round on a weekly basis or requests dinners i have made to be sent to her.

I am now forced to plan my meals instead of just looking in the fridge and thinking i will cook that tomorrow or we can eat that on friday. I now have to consider ingredients , think about what i have in my kitchen, how much time I have to cook and prepare the food, will everyone like it ?

On Monday we had a lovely chicken cesar salad using the leftovers from the Sunday roast dinner i made for New years.chicken-caser-salad-jan-0117

On Tuesday i prepared a rice dish served with shredded chicken, i cooked my left over chicken bones to make a stock as always. I am a great believer of using up all ingredients, home made stock is one of my favorites. Browning of bones and adding them to a large pot of water with a  few vegetables, leek, carrots, bayleaf peppercorns and some sea salt and you have an amazing stock which you can freeze in bags for various dishes. I shall add the recipe for my chicken stock, beef stock and fish stock as well all daily household staples.

Wednesday’s dish was made using the left over rice in which i added chickpeas quinoa sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.

Thursday we had a beautiful Thai style curry with crab and lobster, the others members of the family whom do not eat seafood just had it with vegetables.

Friday we decided a meat dish was in order.

 a beautiful minted lamb shanks with mash curly kale and sweetcorn 😊 

So far so good 

Lots of foodie luv Dan xxx 


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