Where does you milk come from

Hello folks, hope you are all well.

As most of you know by now I am a massive food programme advocate. I recently watched an episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night feast.


The programme is based in their cafe on the end of England’s longest pier. Each week they invite a celebrity to cook a favourite meal. They also look into the local food industry and find things that the British public can change.

This week they are looking into where our milk come from.

Did you know that many of the cows we get our milk from, is from Cows that do not see the light of day.? No!! nor did I.

Many dairy cows are raised the same way cage hens are that lay our eggs. In order for us to have Milk from well looked after cows we need to look for the green label on our milk cartons. A simple label that states that our cows are from a  free range farm .

So next time you buy a pint of milk look for that green label.


lots of foodie luv Dan xx



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