British Pie week part 2

How are you all this beautiful day?

It is International women’s day today and I shall be celebrating by attending an event this evening at  Les Dames d’Escoffier London in support of Luminary Bakery to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2017. I am very much looking forward to it, to say the least. I shall let you all know how it goes.

So as you may or may not know it’s British Pie week. If you do not know then you obviously have not read my previous blog SHAME ON YOU!

Monday night i made Beef and stilton pie with a celeriac mash recipe from the Hairy bikers 


I did make a few minor adjustments, however, firstly please let me apologise for the quality of photo my normal camera was MIA at the time of photos being taken.

I didn’t have any beetroot to hand and to be very honest was not going to buy some just for a side dish, therefore i used some watercress as i have an abundance of the stuff in my fridge at present. As far as i am concerned a recipe is an idea, a basis for a dish that can be altered to the cook’s satisfaction. At the end of the day if a recipe calls for roasted Maris piper potatoes but you only have sweet potatoes are you really going to go out and find Maris pipers? I hope not. Obviously, if a recipe asks for chicken and you only have mackerel then chose a different recipe, but if it just a simple adjustment i say go ahead and be creative.

I also had a load of parsnips so decided to add them to my celeriac mash which by the way complimented it perfectly. For luxury i added my truffle stilton which i had bought for me at christmas, truly made this pie the creme del la creme. The whole family enjoyed it and it is definitely a recipe i will be trying again.

Tonight i shall be attempting a mince meat and dumpling pie  by the great Hairy Bikers.

I shall keep you all updated with the outcome.

Have a great foodie day





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