Omg I have discovered Amazon Prime  and on this fantastic channel I have found  new food programme,s.

Foodies is all about every day people, okay not everyday people but well folk whom travel the world eating at the finest restaurant,s around the world then blogging about them, however these are no normal bloggers. The foodies on this programme have the ability to make and break businesses, they are respected and feared. Don’t get me wrong these are not official food critics, they are not journalists they are just people who love to eat good food and have the disposable income to eat at michelin star restaurant. I do believe they all have a great passion for amazing for food and love eating it, yet I do not consider them culinary experts. 

A chef is a person whom has learnt their craft they  create dishes using great ingredients, the use skill talent experience knowledge and love into every plate. WELL GOOD CHEFS DO

We are now a nation whom take dining out seriously and all have an opinion on the food we eat, as we all have our opinions we now all think we can blog about it,every where you go  someone is a food blogger. Food bloggers have the ability to tell millions.of people about good and bad restaurant,s around the world. Which in turn provides establishments with free advertising good or bad, and as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. 

Obviously I am a food blogger however I also am not a journalist I am a fully qualified chef though. I don’t particularly eat out very much and most definitely do not have the income at present to eat out at the finest restaurant,s in the world on an regular basis. So to have the opportunity to have a indepth look at their food, style of cooking is fantastic to me. I found this programme absolutely fascinating learning all about new the best restaurants in the world and their amazing cuisines, the beyond talented chefs and their brigade. 

Give it a watch let me know what you think 
Lots of foodie.luv 

Dan xx 


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