Cooking from the kitchen cupboard 

Hello hope you are all well.

I found myself in a bit of a rut lately. As a chef I cook fresh food everyday, however some times I am at a lost what to cook for my family.

You would think that as a chef I should be filled with recipes and can throw a meal together in minutes. To be honest I can most days buy I do have days where my mind goes blank.

download (5)

My cupboards are filled with various kinds of rice, pasta, condiments store cupboard staples. I decided to clean my cupboards a job I hate with a great passion yet it must be done. Whilst going through my cupboards I unfolded a multitude of foods.


I realised I have plethora of meals just sitting there,all they need is some imagination and a few fresh ingredients.

Instead of going out and buying specific ingredients to create a meal. I am going to make a meal from my store cupboard staples and purchase no more than 3 fresh ingredients to compliment my meal.

images (18)

This may sound easy trust me it is not, I am certainly looking forward to this challenge as 99% of my store cupboard grub is vegetarian and we are not. Don’t get me wrong I do cook meat free meals twice a week yet I think with this challenge I could expand it to four days a week. Which would widen our veggie repertoire also help to get rid of the masses of rice,pulses, pasta and grains filling up my cupboard space.

Watch this space for some amazing recipes from my store cupboard to you.

images (17)

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