Cookbook reviews


On this dark and gloomy Monday morning I received this gorgeous cook book through the post.  Which has made my day. Have been having a low patch of late and needed something to pick me up.

For those who don’t know already I am a massive Jamie Oliver fan and have every single one of his cook books apart from  Jamie’s Ministry of food (which is on its way with Santa I am sure)

I know some of you may think why do we need another one? The answer is simple. Jamie Oliver’s Christmas cookbook is like no other, it is in my opinion the Christmas cookbook bible. Don’t get me wrong I will still reach for my Nigella and Delia Christmas cookbooks as they have recipes I use every year, I also just like to read them from the beginning of October to get into the Christmas spirit.

dsc_0014The book is dedicated to his beautiful nan aka Tiger anyone who follows Jamie would know the special lady she was and the amazing bond they shared, it is a lovely and very touching tribute with an amusing story of a past Christmas when Tiger’s hair caught fire.

dsc_0017The recipes start from starters which include the ever so British and traditional
prawn cocktail, as well as Beetroot carpaccio. We then move onto the world of potatoes which includes other root vegetable dishes, the gravy section has his famous Get ahead Christmas gravy, there is of course a pudding section which has a great Christmas fruit cake recipe.


My favourite chapter of the book is edible gifts, I am really big on making on making these for friends and family nothing says I LOVE YOU like an basket of homemade fudge, the book has a wonderful recipe for fudge spiked with whiskey and clementine. Unlike most Christmas cookbooks this one has a salad chapter which has some fantastic dishes in it that would compliment any Christmas dining table.


Their are nutrition tips at the back  of the book as well as meat guides with cooking times and temperatures.

There are stunning family photos


and an amazing sections on cheese, food decorations, festive drinks and even make your own Christmas crackers.

If you ask for nothing else this Christmas  make sure you ask Santa for this cookbook it will last you the rest of your life bring you joy every year, whilst filling your family and friends bellies with amazing food.


I absolutely love this book and cannot wait to test the recipes and share them with you all.


lots of foodie luv


Dan xx


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